13 Aug

Geofencing is a type of virtual boundary which is around a real-world geographical area. It can be dynamically generated for example it can be measured in a radius around a mine site, office, school zones and also neighborhood boundaries. Mostly this kind of fencing is used mostly in vehicle management system. It lets the users draw zones around workplaces, clients sites and also can be used in dangerous or secure areas. In workplaces, the fence will be used to mark no-go zones to so that employees don't access the construction zones or other areas which are protected. Other times it can be used to mark speed limits especially in areas with a lot of movement like school zones. It also shows certain roots which the driver used, many times people use this geofence to prevent theft of their vehicles. Its achieved when a car is parked while the ignition is off, then geofence is installed and programmed. In case the vehicle move from the set geofence the owner or driver gets notified immediately.

You can market your geofence software in many ways. You may choose to talk to your friends, install for them so that they can test it. Later if they find it help they will ask their friends to come for you. You also use leaflets for example in meetings or in churches where you write a short description of how it works and also leave your contacts there so that people may reach you later.

Also, you may choose to go online. Nowadays everyone is using the internet because technology has changed a lot. Nowadays also people see internet like it's the source of information use the chance to advert your geo fence business. You may create a premium adcense so that many people will be reached. If you have a website you may post, add all the information so that users may understand how it works and also its advantages before they contact you. Some people who don't have a website may use their social media networks, for example, facebook or twitter. One reaches her friends and if they are interested they will contact you.

You may also use the media houses in your country, choose the one which has a number of followers because this enables a large group of people to be reached. TVs and radios are the best ones to use. Also, you may pick to advertise your business through the use of billboards, this creates attention as people will be interested to read whats in the billboard and luckily you might get some clients. For more info, visit Propellant Media  for more details.

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