13 Aug

Geofencing is a location which is based as a digital marketing tool which lets marketers sends messages to the smartphone users in a particular defined geographic area. Also, geofencing is not limited only to mobile devices since it can be done effectively via a computer desktop and tablets. But mobile devices are increasingly used for reading customers reviews, shopping and also finding local businesses. Geofencing is a marketing method; therefore, a new technology that is making it possible for companies to target customers based on their current location closely and thus it is replacing the traditional text messaging that has been a communication method. But since also text messaging is widely used there is one problem which is sending out a mass text message can be pretty wasteful as you do not know whether the consumers targeting is anywhere near your location. Thus geofencing is born to come in creating a virtual perimeter that will filter consumers based on their precise location at the time needed. Therefore, retailers or manufacturers can send out messages and have a particular reason that their consumers will get reached by the news. However, geofencing in mobile marketing have some benefits which include; firstly, using geofencing in mobile marketing creates effectiveness in the advertisement since one can always increase their efficiency in the out of area advertisement by just setting up a geofence which will always help the market researcher to know their consumers' movement. It is because with this way of geofencing marketing they can always analyze and make a comparison on their customers' attendance with the other stores. Learn more now.

Secondly, there is effectiveness in the feedback. It is because with the help of geofence market the researcher can get the feedback of a customer fresh after once they have used their service. It is because what is done is just by triggering the geofence when a customer enter or they stay in their store and ask just some simple question of their experience. Lastly, geofencing marketing will always help to analyze their competitor in their existing business. It is because a market researcher will always get the data that what kind of factor made a customer make a selection of one store over another by just setting a geofence around their whole company or competitor location. Since this is a great way to search what one's company is lacking and still their competitor. Discover more!

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